Century Cobalt corp. provides overview of its 2018 exploration program

12 Nov 2018


800 Rock and soil samples submitted for testing

Company is “on track” with 43-101 preparations

Los Angeles, California - November 12, 2018 - Century Cobalt Corporation (OTCQB: CCOB) ("Century Cobalt" or the "Company"), a publicly traded companywith its head office in Century City, Los Angeles, CA, is pleased to announce details ofits 2018 exploration plan on its 13,900 acre Emperium Cobalt Property in the IdahoCobalt Belt.

GeoHunt Consulting LLC, working out of the Company’s local office in Salmon, Idaho,led the 2018 initial Field Program. Activities focused on mapping, rock chip and soilsampling over the entire project area to highlight mineralized targets for further (moredetailed) exploration in the future (e.g. trenching and subsequently drilling). As of thedate of this press release, 800 soil samples and an additional 80 rock samples havebeen collected and have been delivered to ALS Global in Reno for geochemicalanalysis. All work is being done in compliance with National Instrument 43-101standards of disclosure requirements.

“I am very pleased with the progress made by our team and would personally like tothank them for all of their hard work. In addition, I am especially excited with thediscovery of a number of historic prospects on our property, which bodes well for futureresults,” said Alex Stanbury, CEO of Century Cobalt. “With the close of our 2018 fieldseason in sight, we are now positioned over the coming months to analyse in detail theresults of our sampling program and plan an appropriate exploration program for the2019 field season. Details of this work plan and results of our samples from ALS Globalwill be announced in a later release.”

About Century Cobalt

The Company is focused on identifying, assessing and developing high-potential,economic, early-stage cobalt production opportunities in North America to takeadvantage of the growing demand for secure, ethically-sourced and conflict-free cobaltsupplies. It holds a 100% interest in 695 lode claims representing 13,900 acres in theheart of the largest and most prolific cobalt mineralization trend in the U.S. Commonlyknown as the Idaho Cobalt Belt, this region is important nationally as it contains thelargest known cobalt resources in the United States and is home to the most advancedcobalt project in the U.S. – eCobalt’s Idaho Cobalt Project. A 30- to 35-mile long NWSE oriented metallogenic district characterized by stratiform copper-cobalt deposits, theIdaho Cobalt Belt also includes numerous historic mines and prospects of the centrallylocated Blackbird district, the Salmon Canyon deposit to the northwest, and deposits ofthe Iron Creek area to the southeast.

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